200W Finish Sander

Numbe: 752721(110V) - 752722(220V)

Specifications: 200W

200W  Speed Power Sander Electric Handheld Sander machine with Efficient Dust Collection System

CE approved


FCC approved



Rated power:200W

No-load speed:14500Rpm

Accessories contain:1pc dust box

Intended for dry sanding of wood, plastic, metal, filler, and painted surfaces.

Replacing the sandpaper

1.Lift the edge of the sandpaper and pull it off the pad.

2.Press the now sandpaper firmly on the pad. Align the hales in the sandpaper with the holes in the pad for best dust extraction.


Sanding smooth surfaces

1.Place the tool with the full surface of the sandpaper against the surface to be sanded.

2.Apply an even pressure during the work. Pressing harder will not speed up the work, but will put more strain on the orbital sander and the sandpaper instead.

3.The sanding rate and pattern mainly depend on the coarseness of the sandpaper, the speed of the pad, and how hard you press.

Two types for selection

Able to sand even large surfaces and hard materials quickly